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The new culinary experience

in Langhe-Monferrato

ADAGIO Ristorante Gourmet is an elegant restaurant situated in a late 18th century Italian farmhouse, showcasing the best local produce in a slow-food fine dining concept with personal service in sophisticated surroundings. An elegant restaurant where the traditional excellences of the territory meets contemporary - this is ADAGIO and its philosophy. 


Our 2024 Adagio menu is an intriguing combination of traditional Piedmontese dishes, revisited in a modern key and mixed with the chef's Sicilian roots and spiced up by international experiences.


The menu is built on a strong foundation of local products marked by the slow food presidium – from the Fassona meat, to products that got forgotten over the years, which we bring back as the stars of the menu such as the Riso Gigante di Vercelli. 


Our pasta and pastry are all freshly prepared in our kitchen with the best local ingredients. Our flour comes from a mill less than 500 meters away.​


Furthermore, our exemplary wine cellar features a range of local and regional Italian wines, as well as carefully selected international wines, offering a comprehensive selection to suit all interests and budgets.​

In November 2023, ADAGIO was awarded the high honour of 'Cucina Radiosa' (Radiant Cuisine) by Golosaria 2023 - the renowned and leading gourmet industry event in Italy. 

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