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Almaranto Local Events

Festas, Fairs and Local Events in Piemonte

Visit Piemonte at any time of year and you'll likely overlap with unique local event or festa somewhere.  From internationally renowned events such as the White Truffle Fair in Alba or the Palio in Asti, to a host of local festas and celebrations including weekly food markets, monthly flea markets and the numerous wine-related festivals, visiting a local event will add a unique experience to your stay in Piemonte. 

We've gathered a list of the most popular events happening regularly/annually in our local area, and there are many other smaller events happening too that we'd be happy to advise on closer to your stay.  Dates are for guidance but subject to changes or last minute cancellations of events - contact the Almaranto team to double-check an event you're interested in - we'd hate you to miss it!

Palio di Asti

Every year on the third Sunday of September, Asti runs its Palio, the oldest in Italy, which has been documented since 1275. The exciting race of bareback horses with participants from local towns across teh region, takes place in the central Piazza Alfieri,  preceded by the historical procession with more than 1200 participants which starts from Piazza Cattedrale. In the morning, do not miss the blessing of horses and jockeys in the parish churches and the performance of the flag-wavers in Piazza San Secondo. And, from Thursday evening the city, colored by the flags of the districts, comes alive with the Palio degli Sbandieratori in Piazza San Secondo. On Friday and Saturday there are usually celebratory dinners in the various districts. A unique spectacle not to miss!

Third Sunday of September

ALMARANTO Corsa-del-Palio-Asti event

International White 
Truffle Fair of Alba

The Alba White Truffle Fair began in 1929 as a "Fair sample exhibition with prizes of the renowned truffles of the Langhe", included in the celebrations of the Harvest Festival. Today, now known as  the "International White Truffle Fair of Alba", its an ideal place to appreciate and buy truffles from the Langhe, Monferrato and Roero areas.

Mid-October to early December

White truffle fair Alba

Antiques Market Nizza Monferrato

For more than 36 years the monthly Nizza Monferrato Antiques Market is your appointment with antiques and collectables.  Over 350 exhibitors, mostly Italian, offer wooden objects and tools, typical of the local peasant tradition, but also refined pieces from noble and bourgeois residences, 1950s curiosities, prints, lamps, toys, antique furniture, grandmother's books, linen and lace, postcards yellowed by time, advertising for historical brands, and many other curiosities that will surprise you.

For experienced or novice collectors looking for a passion to cultivate.

Third Sunday of the month (check calendar)



Canelli Wine Run

CANELLI WINE RUN is a fun race - with wine!


A non-competitive 5km race that takes place in the streets of Canelli, the capital of sparkling wine, recognised by Unesco as a World Heritage Site with its underground cathedrals.

An extraordinary day to watch or participate in a unique event, get ready to run the most vinous 5 km ever. With the other wine runners you will run in a cloud of colours, scents and flavors of the territory.

Normally 1st Saturday in September

Almaranto canelli wine run

Alba Jazz Festival

The festival takes place in the squares of the historic center of Alba. World famous artists perform for four days in different venues across the town.


Born with the main purpose of disseminating and sharing one of the most representative forms of art and culture: music, specifically jazz music.


Almaranto Alba Jazz Festival

Corsa Delle Botti

For more than 150 years, the second weekend of June, the streets of Nizza Monferrato become animated and beaten by the fast pace of the rolling of the barrels. The barrel race has an ancient origin which, as often happens, finds its motivation in the daily work needs and in particular in the late spring period when the wines by now ready are waiting to refine in wooden barrels. A living tradition and a competition more than ever felt by all citizens and wine producers who are the beating soul of this event.

Second weekend of June

Almaranto NIzza Barrel Rolling

Grand Balon Torino

For more than 35 years, over 300 stalls, 50 shops, bars and historic restaurants give life to the Gran Balon, an antique and vintage market in the City of Turin. Antique dealers, second-hand dealers, collectors and artisans carefully display their wares, furniture, ceramics, books, clothing, vintage finds and handicrafts.

Attracting both serious collectors and the casual shopper and tourist, this is a fun day trip from Almaranto with the Balon area reached in under 90 minutes by car.

Second Sunday of every month


Nizza È Barbera Wine Festival

It is a great celebration for the historic center of Nizza Monferrato! During Nizza è Barbera, you can participate in the special Barbera tastings with real experts in the sector at the Nizza Monferrato Regional Enoteca. They take place inside the technical tasting room of the splendid Palazzo Crova.

Over 50 wineries of the best Barbera d’Asti, inside the Foro Boario in Nizza Monferrato: for tasting over 250 labels, included in the admission ticket, which will be served and explained directly by those who produce them.

Second weekend of May

Almaranto Nizza è Barbera

Colori De Vino, Canelli

For this enchanting evening, you'll stroll the historic streets of Canelli and celebrate the glorious Moscato Canelli


The event is organsised by the Moscato Canelli Producers Association in collaboration with the Regional Enoteca of Canelli and Astesana, the Municipality of Canelli and the Pro Loco Antico Borgo Villanuova.

A night to enjoy!

Every July

Canelli events
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