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Local ingredients
chosen specially for you

Breakfast in the times of Covid:

 the private buffet

This strange Covid period is full of ever-changing rules and regulations and since the pandemic hit the world a lot changed and with so many other things, we had to say goodbye to the beloved hotel buffet breakfast.  We have tried to turn this challenge into an opportunity and opted to safely serve our guests a delicious made-to-order breakfast instead – a ‘private buffet’ on your table – delivered by our wonderful and attentive team.


Start the day with a celebration of Monferrato and Piemonte ingredients 

We firmly believe in using local ingredients and suppliers wherever possible. All farms are in our neighbourhood and we are very happy to have found such fantastic produce for you. 


  • Our breakfast pastries, brioche and cakes are either home-made in our kitchens or come from a small family-run bakery in Alessandria

  • The flour we use comes from Calamandrana itself

  • Luiset Farm, Ca’Bianca cheeses & Alessandra Vigliani provide us with wonderful salumis, prosciuttos, a variety of cow-milk and goat-milk cheeses

  • Our marmalade is made by Nonna Maddalena, just 1 km from Almaranto, who uses the ripest, juiciest fruits form her own orchards and produces natural marmalades which can be enjoyed equally for breakfast or with our moreish milky cheeses, too

  • Piemonte is famous for its hazelnuts and we have the most delicious hazelnut & chocolate spread from F.lli Durando just a few villages away - finger-licking yummy! Why not, create your own chocolate brioche 😊

  • Our chefs prepare your locally sourced breakfast eggs made-to-order


Of course, there is freshly prepared coffee, a selection of hot teas, natural fruits juices and if you fancy - a glass of Anima Spumante to add to some sparkle to the start of your day. 

We look forward to welcoming you to breakfast - Almaranto-style.